Puppy Dress Up Games For Kids

Webkinz are stuffed animal toys that "come alive" in the virtual Webkinz world. Webkinz come with attached codes that the children my use to create a virtual twin to their stuffed animal. In the Webkinz world, children may play games with their pets, create homes for them and dress them up.

Webkinz Palz

Webkinz Palz is consistently updated to feature new animals. On Webkinz Palz, children may select a Webkinz model that matches their own stuffed toy. They can then choose from a variety of outfits, shoes and accessories for their little pet. The site adds new clothing options on a regular basis, allowing for endless fun. Another beneficial thing found on the Webkinz Palz site is the news and information feature. Here Webkinz enthusiasts can find updates about what's happening in the Webkinz worlds.


The KittyKade game, which can be found on the Scratch Project website, is a rudimentary game designed by a Webkinz fan. The game features a small, poodle-like dog with various buttons that allows the player to select fur color, clothes and accessories for the KittyKade poodle. Children may choose from crowns, hats, clips, shoes and shirts for their little pet. While not as sophisticated as the Webkinz Palz site, children will enjoy the cute and goofy looks available on KittyKade. This site is especially good for younger children because it only involves clicking on simple buttons to change the dog's look.

Cartoon Doll Emporium

For children who enjoy Webkinz Palz and KittyKade there is a wonderful, free site that offers many different types of dress up games, Cartoon Doll Emporium (CDE). CDE does not feature the official Webkinz animals, but there are many dolls and characters for children to dress as they please. With many different games to choose from, this particular site offers children more varieties than Webkinz Palz and KittyKade. At CDE, children may dress up everything from fairies to sports stars and place them in a variety of settings. In addition to Webkinz fans, this is a good site for girls with an interest in dolls, fashion and makeup.

puppy dress up games for kids

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puppy dress up games for kids

puppy dress up games for kids

puppy dress up games for kids

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